Thursday, January 10, 2008

What are the quality levels for koi?

Pond Quality

Pond quality Koi can be purchased at local pet shops and breeders. Mostly this type of Koi is bred locally with a mixed blood line and no previous record. Often it is not known who did the breeding and most are not suitable for competition. However, they are very inexpensive to buy and enjoyable in the pond.

Ornamental Quality

Ornamental Koi are not bad quality. They may have been bred from good quality parents, have good blood lines, good conformation, and beautiful color. The only difference between ornamental and show quality Koi is the pattern. In most show quality Koi, the very important in addition to the body conformation, skin, edge of pattern and evenness of color. Some ornamental Koi may even be used as breeding parents.

Show Quality

There are many requirements to be considered when selecting show quality Koi. They should have good body conformation. Good shiny skin. Sharp pattern edge. Evenness of color in the pattern. Overall well balanced patterns.

The experts consider bloodline to be an extremely important element and are sure that most show quality Koi are bred from parents with a good blood line. -Gratn Fujita - Associated Koi Clubs of America

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