Friday, January 11, 2008

Koi Variety -- Page 1 of 14

(1) Kohaku

Kohaku is a white koi with red (hi) or beni markings. This is the most common variety and most major koi show winners are picked from this group. The hi should be deep red with well defined edges (kiwa) where it meets the white which should be pure and bright.

Tancho Kohaku is a white koi with a red spot on its head. Make a note tancho marking is not limited to just kohaku. You can find it on sanke, showa and many other koi varieties too.

Inazuma Kohaku (lightning strike) has a continuous red marking from the head to the tail, but with many variations.

Nidan Kohaku is koi fish that has two red (hi/beni) markings.

Sandan Kohaku is a koi that has three red (hi/beni) markings.

Yondan Kohaku is a koi that has four red (hi/beni) markings.

Godan Kohaku is a koi fish that has five red (hi/beni) markings.

Kuchibeni kohaku (lipstick) is koi fish that has a red (hi/beni) on the mouth. Very attractive for many new koi hobbyist.

These photos are for general guide only. It does not include every koi type listed above.

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