Sunday, January 13, 2008

Koi Variety -- 2 of 14

(2) Sanke (Taisho Sanke)

Hi/beni (red) and sumi (black) on a white background. Distinguishing a sanke from a showa can be confusing but with a little help you can spot it with ease. Just remember snake will not have sumi markings on the head and below the lateral line.

Maruten Sanke has a red crown or spot on the head. It will also have normal red and black markings on the body.
Tancho Sanke - In addition to black markings, it has a red marking or a crown on the head and no where else.
Nidan Sanke is a two step koi fish.
Aka Sanke - Almost the entire body is red with normal sumi markings
Menkaburi Sanke - Similar to a maruten sanke except it has a mask instead of a crown on the head.
Subo Sumi Sanke - It is very difficult to get a sanke of this kind. Sumi is displayed on the white background only never on the beni.
Kuchibeni Sanke - This is a regular patterned sanke with red/beni on the lip. Lipstick koi fish to be exact.

Lots more information on sanke. Stay tune!

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